You have to create a chatroom and a group. But if you have already a chatroom or group then no need to make again. Now follow the steps=> (1) make moderator any id in your chatroom and tell him to join your group. (2) then make that id moderator in your group also. (3) now link the chatroom with your group and tell the moderator to leave chatroom and re-enter in chatroom when you link the chatroom with your group. Now see in your chatroom list that moderator is admin as same as the main admin. The news of happiness is that the moderator you have given admin power can ban any id from mig33 for 2 days by kicking 3 times from your chatroom.
How to give fake gift free?
Its a very interesting trick explored by me. To use this trick you have to be owned the emotion pack named 'LOVE PACK'. Enter any chatroom then type" /me gives << a rose (insert the emote icon of rose from LOVE PACK) (insert user name)>> ". Everybody will think that you have given gift but its fake gift. EX: /me gives << a rose icon of rose v06>>
How to use mig33 free with teletalk sim in Bangladesh?
You can use mig33 free with teletalk sim in Bangladesh. Just follow the steps.
1. Login with teletalk sim in mig33
2. Then press exit option from mig33
3. Then very quickly press back key.
4. Sever will be lost.
5. Now again login and use. This time there will be no reduction from your balance.

Tips for protect your mig33 id's from hacking.
1. Make sure that your handset, sim card and password is secret from others.
2. Always use case sensitive password.
3. Neve login with your mig33 id and password to any website.(without
4. Always try to use official mig33 apps.
5. Before using edited mig33 tools make sure that it is trusted.
6. Remember that mig33 team will never ask your password through e-mail or im.
7. Collect your authentication code and registered mobile number of your id's carefully.
8. If anyway you have hacked then send a e-mail to with the id name, hacking date, authentication code, registered mobile number and some activities to request them to gain back your id.
9. For any official query of mig33 only trust this website( and this e-mail(
10. Now hackers are more active than before. They creates web site as the same graphic design of the mig33 official website( They will try to make you login to their website by various ways as like as- showing alluremens of giving free credit, emotion packs, gifts, like votes, level increasing, making mig33 global admin or moderator or merchant etc. My special request to you all that never trust them and never login to their websites.

Dear mig33 users! I've tried to find out the causes behind hacking your ids and explored these tips. I believe that if you accept these tips, none can hack your costly personal ids.
How to lock your profile invitation?
Keep atleast 12 or more friend requests as pending in your account then none can send you friend request. To keep request as pending just view request and click "SKIP" option.
How to enter into gallery without exit from mig33?(only for NOKIA java supported 'push to talk' function availabled handset)
1. Press and hold volume(+) key for 5 seconds while using mig33.
2. Then select- add new>>enter manually>>option>>add details.
3. Then select video/tone/image.
4. Then browse your files as your wish.

(tested successfully on NOKIA 3110c)
How to give a gift by commands?
Now you can give a user gift by command. It is very easy. Just follow the steps. Enter into a chat window then write in this form "/gift<space>username<space>gift name". For example /gift v06 big kiss. Try it now
How to speed up your mig33?
Go to login page. Before login go to down of the page and select "connection setting". Then select "manual". Then change the getway server as "" and port as "9119" it will speed up your mig33 25%.
What is mig33 level?
Mig33 level is a number and image in mig33 user's profile which shows the activity and time spend in mig33 at a glance. Different level will give you different power. As example in low level you can't create a chatroom.
How to secure your account from hacker?
Now, mig33 offers case sensitive password protectivity! That means, you can use "pAsSwOrD" instead of "password". Don't worry about typing it while logging in. Because, you can always login using lower case password "password" But to change your account password, you need exact case sensitive "pAsSwOrD". It can helps you to stop unwanted change of your password by hackers!
How to creat empty private chat window?
1. Select a friend for private chat and open a private chat window.
2. Just write such a emote code which doesn't work without username (for ex:slap) and send it.
3. The user will get an empty chat window.
4. Do it again and again to make the user annoyed.

Tips for increasing mig level quickly.
1. Stay online with mig33 6hours daily.
2. Spend 1.5$usd by playing, gifting and other activities.
3. Exchange a lot of gift and like vote as you can.
4. Invite user to join in mig33.
5. Make your chatroom popular.
6. Stay several chatrooms at a times.
7. Receive and invite for private chat.
8. Add friends in your friendlist.
How to create magic chatroom?
1. Create a chatroom and a mig33 id with the same name and same characters.
2. Remember that all the letter in the room name must be in small letters.
3. Now stay in room as invisible.
4. When you'll chat, your name will be shown in yellow. But as your id and room name is same, users will be surprised to see room name is yellow.

Make people fool.
1. Enter into any chatroom.
2. Then advertise like this- (wanna boost up your mig, just go to friendlist and press menu then quickly press 'key2' and 'key5')
3. Tell them that it will increase speed of mig.
4. If they do that they will get instant exit from mig.

Magic with 'key 7'
1. Tell your friend to just open a new private chat window for you.(if you are already in the private chat with him/her, just tell him/her to close and re-open it)
2. Now tell him to press 'key 7'(don't to write 7 just press the 'key 7')
3. If he/she do that he/she will get instant dc.

Mig33 shortcut keys.
KEY 1. Home
KEY 2. Up
KEY 3. Page Up
KEY 4. Left
KEY 5. Enter
KEY 6. Right
KEY 7. End
KEY 8. Down
KEY *. User's Profile
KEY #. Active Chats

How to have private chat with a offline user?
1. Enter any chatroom.
2. Go to menu and select 'private chat'
3. Then select 'insert username' option.
4. Enter the username you wanna chat with.
5. Now start chatting(remember that the user must be logged in mig33)

How to chat with a blocked user?
1. Enter any chatroom.
2. Go to menu and select 'private chat'
3. Then select 'insert username' option.
4. Enter the username you wanna chat with.
5. Now go to menu of private chat window then select 'add to chat' option and create a group chat.
6. Then you will be able to chat with the user.(remember that the user must be logged in mig33)